Joakhim Noah loves New York! No, he really does. In many ways, Noah has come home.

“Just being able to be at home, for some reason, as crazy as it sounds, the city gives me peace,” Noah said. “I love just cruising in the streets. It’s my happy place. This is where I’m most comfortable.” (via NY Post)

Born in New York City, and growing up mostly in NYC (when not in Paris with his father) this is home. And after playing for only one other NBA team (Chicago), where else would home be? This is it!

Noah has said he enjoys riding his bike in the city and missed his favorite Chinese place – Happy Joy Chinese, which he was thrilled to find still open and not too far from his new place in Chelsea.

The big city big man is home again. And at just 31 years old and still very healthy, he should be around for a long, long time.