Penn State has returned to prominence. Not only did they beat Ohio State, they nearly won the Rose Bowl in what ended up being the highest scoring Rose Bowl of all time (103 games!) losing 52-49. Welcome back!

What a nightmare the poor campus has been through. And, now that the wounds have had time to heal, let me just say that  both the university and the NCAA completely mishandled the situation.

What they did, was succumb to pressure from the football-hating liberal media. The media caused them to panic and they lost control of the situation, their team, their campus and their future.

Worse, to their shame, rather than believe the best about Coach Paterno, they chose not to be loyal to the most loyal of all people. They turned on their own. They turned on their patriarch. What a travesty. They should be ashamed.

Their actions literally killed Coach Paterno. They tarred and feathered him like he was one of the guilty parties. Ridiculous. He died just two months after being fired. His will to live was broken.

While I didn’t know Coach Paterno well, I did have opportunity to correspond with him and spent some personal time with him.

What I found was what I expected to find. A man who loved others more than himself. Namely, his wife, family, team and university. He was virtually a saint.

And speaking of saints, no 80 year old Catholic is supporting child molestation. When I met him, he talked a lot about God, heaven and making your life count.

The PSU Trustees blew it. As did the NCAA.

You know who didn’t blow it? The Penn State family of alumni, students and fans. They weathered the storm like champs. And in just a handful of years, have rebuilt their program.

JoePa would have loved this new team. He would be proud.