Every city thinks their fans are the best. But, how do you really know where the very¬†best fans really are? How do you measure commitment? Well, Chicago’s north-siders have raised the bar. Holy cow!

With the ability to buy online tickets, an away game can quickly become a home game. Just ask the Cleveland Indians. They know.

More than 60% of StubHub’s transactions for Game 7 in Cleveland were actually bought by the Chicago market. (via SI.com) Thousands of fans bought pricey tickets and traveled the 7 hour drive to Cleveland.

Pricey? Yes, pricey. Try an average ticket price of $1,823. (Not to mention, gas or flight, night at the Marriott and a night of celebratory drinking.)

Indian fans faced a similar championship drought that may have been tamped down a bit with the city’s NBA championship last spring.

Fans of the Cowboys, Steelers, Yankees and Lakers might all argue that their fans are the best. But, Cubbie fans have taken the game to an all new level. Harry Carey would be proud.