If you’re aiming to get drafted June 22nd, you’ve got a lot to think about and a lot to do.

You can’t afford to not get this right. Unfortunately, there are unknowns at every turn.

FACT ONE: No team, coach or agent will ever be as loyal to you as your parents. (yes, SS knows there are exceptions)  Keep them close to you. And make sure you are assembling a solid team around you.

FACT TWO: You need to get the best possible pre-draft training. The college game is different. There are things to learn in a hurry. Believe it or not, there are plenty of people in this business that don’t understand what these things are. The wrong counsel can be devastating for you.

FACT THREE: There is already a scouting report on you. There are areas that need to be improved, and others that need to be ignored. The key is to know the difference. You cannot be wasting time or energy. Every workout is crucial and can make or break you. Insightful coaching can help you move up the board. It can also help you to not be one of the undrafted guys who are headed overseas.

FACT FOUR: Be wise with your social media. Just like in college, NBA teams are watching. One way they measure your character is by seeing how you present yourself to the world.

FACT FIVE: Be in game condition. When you workout for teams, they will have you running up and down the court. If you are tired, you won’t play well. Your shooting will suffer, you can be sure. You need the right kind of training.

Here’s the good news… you have time. You can move up that board!

For more assistance, contact us. It’s why we are here.