Tom Izzo is a grinder. Don’t think for a minute that he has thrown the towel in for 2017.

Izzo is a Hall of Famer! He has seen it all – the highs and the lows. The good, the bad and  the ugly. Does anybody hate losing more than Izzo?

He’s kind of like a weed. Cut him down and he comes back bigger and stronger. Go green! Go White!

Bear in mind, too, that the freshmen Fab Four are getting less freshmeny with every game they play. Two years ago the Spartans made an unlikely run to the Final Four. Last year things just unraveled and the Spartans took their most embarrassing loss in their storied history.

Does anybody think Izzo forgot about that?

SS expects Michigan State to show up both at the Big 10 tournament and also in the Big Dance.

SS also wants to extend continued condolences to Coach Izzo on the loss of his father, Carl, in December of 2015, just over one year ago.

Couple of great men, those Izzos.