Okay, this is getting out of control.

There’s a reason the newspaper has traditionally had separate sections. You know – business, life, classified, politics and sports.

But, lately something has changed. And not for the good.

The big shots at virtually all the top networks have decided to make politics a big chunk of their sports news content.

Yet, every person SS has talked to hates it. Nobody likes it. Nobody!

Sports and politics: the doctor says don’t combine the two.

We don’t care if Popovich hates Trump and Brady loves him. Who cares? Stop the madness!

Look, the reason sports were even invented was for leisure. For relaxation. We turn to sports to get away from the stresses of the day – including politics.

I don’t want to think about Trump, or Obama, or Clinton or the supreme court when I am reading about the Knicks. I just want to be mad at the front office in peace. Is that asking too much?

Making things worse, virtually all the chosen content is from one political slant. So, with our divided nation, do the math. You are ticking-off half your audience on any given subject. Another bad marketing move.

So, you are bringing politics to the sports page. What’s next? The bedroom?