Making a bid for another championship ring this spring, the Cavs sent Mike Dunleavy and Mo Williams to the Atlanta Hawks in exchange for shooting guard Kyle Korver.

While Korver is one of the greatest shooters of all time (having held multiple NBA shooting records and leading the league in Threes and FTs), the biggest contribution he brings might be in the intangible category.

Korver is known to be an outstanding teammate. He’s hard working and fiercely loyal. He is a true family man and a welcomed addition to any and all clubhouses. Bring a jacket, Kyle.

So, this deal is a better deal than many fans might have realized. With Korver, the Cavs definitley bolstered their chances of repeating as World Champions. And Korver might finally get a ring of his own. Well-deserved.

With Irving, Love, James, and Korver the Cavs’ perimeter shooting is as good as any in the NBA, including Golden State.

One last note, Cavs fans might find some similarities between Korver and their old pal Mark Price. Two world class  shooters, two world class guys.